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Monday, 26 October 2015

How to Find Old Web Pages That May No Longer Be Around?

Old Web pages or websites may have been allowed to expire by the domain owner, or may have been taken off-line for any number of reasons. If you want to visit that website for a dose of nostalgia, or perhaps to find information not available elsewhere, you can visit the Internet Archive, sometimes called the Wayback Machine, which periodically nabs a snapshot of any website that hasn't specifically prohibited it.

Start your Internet browser and visit This website lists thousands of website archives, and anyone can browse through the listings.

Enter the URL of the website you want to find into the URL field in the Wayback Machine, then click "Take Me Back." Wait for the page to load; this could take a little while, depending on your Internet connection, current site traffic and how far the site has to dig through the archives.

Click the links that appear to see different versions of the website as it changed and evolved. The website owner most likely blocked archival if no links are found; double-check the URL you entered to make sure it was correct.

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